Court-Approved Parenting Class

Navigate divorce and co-parenting.

Being a parent is one of the most challenging roles one can ever play. Children don’t come with manuals, which can make it difficult to know how you should approach difficult circumstances, like divorce.

In some cases, the Department of Children and Families may require individuals to take a parenting class.

Best Life Counseling offers a parenting class to fulfill your court ordered requirement. We are licensed through the Department of Children and Families and are a Joint Commission Accredited facility.

Our court ordered parenting class covers:

  • Divorce as Loss — Learn about the emotional, physical and social transitions of divorce.
  • Parental Role — Learn about shared parental responsibility.
  • Developmental Stages — Study the common reactions of children and their age-associated developmental stages.
  • Communicating with Your Children — Discover how to effectively communicate with your children.
  • Abuse — Learn about domestic violence, including spousal and child abuse.
  • Legal Concepts — Study the rules and explanations about shared parental responsibility, child support, visitation, and many other legal concepts.
  • Visitation — Discover the best way to make visitation count and plan accordingly for the children’s benefit.

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