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DUI & Court Ordered (PEC & DART)

When a person is arrested for a DUI or domestic violence, mandatory counseling is generally required. At Best Life Counseling® we are approved to provide these services. B.I.P., Anger Management, and short-term outpatient Substance Abuse counseling is available. We are licensed through the Department of Children and Families to provide these court ordered services. At our state-of-the art facility, we will help you through all aspects of the legal process pertaining to your court ordered counseling. Additionally, we conduct Substance Abuse Evaluations and Mental Health Evaluations if they are required.

At Best Life Counseling we understand that you may be angry and upset after the legal system has ordered mandatory counseling. Please know that It is our goal to be of assistance through this process, and  to treat each person with the respect and dignity they deserve. We are committed to high quality programs that will improve self-worth and an individual’s relationship with the community, and empower individuals and families through education and counseling. We offer the following court ordered services in Jupiter, Port St. Lucie and West Palm Beach:

Anger Management

Anger problems can have a detrimental effect on your marriage, your job, your relationship with your children, and your quality of life. Anger issues can also lead to violent situations that can cause a person to be arrested. Here, a person will learn how to calmly work through anger by communicating effectively with the person or people you are angry with, and techniques for the healthy release of anger through communication and other means is the treatment plan goal.

Batterer’s Intervention Program (BIP)

Batterers' Intervention Programs (BIPs) are methods of developing positive family relationships for families which have suffered from domestic violence of any sort. The program includes 26 weeks of education, role-playing activities, exercises and follow-up to provide comprehensive behavioral modification for individuals that engage in domestic violence. 

Substance Abuse Evaluations & Counseling

Frequently when a person has been arrested for domestic violence, battery, or drug related charges, the legal system orders a sustance abuse evaluation. A substance abuse evaluation is a clinical interview consisting of a series of questions and a review of the person's legal history. Based on the findings by the licensed clinician, substance abuse counseling may or may not be recommended. 

Mental Health Evaluations

After an arrest, a mental health evaluation is sometimes court ordered. Most people do not know what to expect and are nervous, so knowing what it consists of should ease any anxiety. It is simply a clinical interview conducted by a licensed clinician, and consists of a series of questions regarding what happened, a family mental health history, and the individual's medical history.

Parenting Classes

This is often court ordered or mandated by the Department of Children and Families. The following topics are covered in our parenting classes: